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M&ZEE Properties builds technologies and services in the field of the real estate sector that enable people and businesses to connect with each other’s, build communities, and grow businesses. This Product is provided to you by Add-on Marketing, a group of technology and real estate sectors professionals who build the marketplace. We strived hard and continuously progressed to build a state-of-the-art solution for citizens of Pakistan seeking information and consultation in property matters and transactions.

The M&ZEE Properties is an innovative and emerging restate-orientated digital platform that aims to take the Pakistani real estate sector to another level of excellence. Property’s ONE-STOP Shop with Information & Consultation for everyone to make property needs easier. It is your True digital Partner & Consultant for all your property needs; provide ONE-STOP solutions for everyone and connect buyers, sellers, investors, builders, developers, advisors, etc. on ONE platform.

A trustworthy and reliable resource for all your property needs. It is Your Real Partner! Provides both buyer and seller a great platform to make better decisions and make their property transactions fair and profitable easily and quickly.


The goal of our product is Information & Consultation for everyone. Our mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together by providing them meaningful information and experts consultation. We aim to provide estate meaningful information accessible for everyone at their fingertips and connect them to hundreds of professionals. We make it easy for everyone to get informed while searching for a dream home, wanting to sell property, looking for consultation, finding a better project or evaluating the property market, etc.

Our aim is to empower, connect, and be well-informed everyone by providing them true information and expert consultation to make better decisions in property-oriented matters. Facilitate them with the use of modern technology and the internet to advertise their property needs, sell their property, consult with experts, find better projects, estimate construction costs, and get informed with the latest news and updates, etc. Our platform also encourages the real estate sector’s professionals to grow their business by advertising their services and offers. They can take the advantage of the modern use of technology to promote their business and services. We equipped them with modern tools & services where they connect with the potential auto result

Our goal is to result in an ultimate ONE-STOP Property Solution for Everyone!

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